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Exploring the Mouth-Watering Menu of Rodney Scott’s BBQ in Charleston

Short answer Rodney Scott’s BBQ – Charleston menu: Rodney Scott’s BBQ in Charleston offers a variety of smoked meats such as whole hog, ribs, and chicken. Sides include cornbread, mac & cheese, collards, and more. The menu also features sandwiches and salads.

How to Savor the Best of Rodney Scott’s BBQ – Charleston Menu: Step by Step Guide

Charleston, South Carolina is bursting at the seams with delicious eateries. From seafood shacks to upscale bistros, there’s something for everyone in this charming Southern city. But one spot that should be at the top of every foodie’s list is Rodney Scott’s BBQ.

Rodney Scott was named a James Beard Foundation Best Chef Southeast finalist in 2020 and he has garnered national attention for his mouth-watering barbecue which is cooked low and slow over oak fired pits creating tender meat with smokey flavors. Whether you’re a local or just visiting Charleston, trying out Rodney Scott’s BBQ must be on your priority list if you want to experience true southern-style cooking.

In order to maximize your culinary experience at this beloved BBQ joint, we’ve created a step-by-step guide detailing how to savor the best of Rodney Scott’s Menu:

Step One: Start With The Classics

When it comes time to peruse through Rodney Scott’s menu, start off by selecting some of their classic items because these are tried and tested favorites amongst locals and visitors alike. Their famous Whole Hog Plate which features pulled pork from freshly barbecued whole hogs cooked over live fire pits all day long; Rib Plate flavored with tangy mustard-basted flavor notes that really make it stand apart or try Chicken Plate doused in secret sauce will give you an authentic taste of masterful soul food!

Step Two: Side Dishes Are Equally Important To The Main Course

If you think sides dishes aren’t important enough in complementing the main dish then you haven’t had Georgia Mustard Potato Salad served with bright yellow color looking oh so creamy accompanied by coleslaw made with cabbage & carrots dressed lightly with vinegar – both are signature offerings here that adds up another level of excitement altogether!

The Mac & Cheese may look unassuming but it packs some serious punch when paired up alongside any Barbecue meal as equally good accompaniment considering its cheesy buttery taste that will blow your mind away. And don’t skip the hushpuppies too- these fried balls of cornmeal and spices are perfect for dipping in Rodney Scott’s signature vinegar-based sauce!

Step Three: Save Room For Dessert

It’s not everyday when you get to experience Southern hospitality, be sure to save room for dessert! Both sweet potato pie and banana pudding as their desserts speaks highly of how seriously they taken their desserts at Rodney Scott’s BBQ. Sweet potato pies feature a flaky crust with a creamy, spiced filling topped off with whipped cream or sample Banana Pudding which is served chilled yet has an irresistible combination of fluffy vanilla pudding, soft bananas & crushed cookies.

Step Four: Take Some Home With You

Did we mention how addictive their barbecue is? If you just can’t get enough after finishing your meal then take some home with you! They offer meat by the pound so that way one cannot miss out on anything from mac-n-cheese to whole-hog barbecue pork available here.

Whether you’re looking for mouth-watering meats or savory sides, there’s something for everyone at Rodney Scott’s BBQ. This southern-style eatery effortlessly blends flavors while keeping traditions alive offering culinary experiences like no other – So come down soon and have delicious Barbecue dishes made fresh each day accompanied by warm welcoming atmosphere whenever visiting Charleston or nearby areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodney Scott’s BBQ-Charleston Menu: Clearing Up Your Curiosities

Are you a fan of barbecue? Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of running a successful BBQ joint? Look no further than Rodney Scott’s BBQ, located in Charleston, South Carolina. This restaurant has been serving up mouth-watering, slow-smoked meats since 2017. If you’re curious about what makes their menu so special or have any burning questions you’ve been dying to ask, keep reading for our frequently asked questions.

What sets Rodney Scott’s BBQ apart from other barbecue joints?
Rodney Scott’s BBQ prides itself on using traditional whole hog cooking methods that have been passed down through generations of pitmasters. They also make all their own sauces and sides from scratch daily, ensuring top-notch quality across the board.

What should I order at Rodney Scott’s BBQ?
The championship pork plate is a must-try item. It features juicy pulled pork smoked overnight with oak wood, plus your choice of two sides (we recommend the mac n’ cheese and collard greens). The spicy fried chicken sandwich is another standout dish – crispy buttermilk-fried chicken topped with pickles and slaw on a buttery bun.

Does Rodney Scott’s offer catering or delivery services?
Yes! Whether it’s just for you or for an entire group occasion they’ve got you covered with large party platters that can be customized according to your preference. You may choose between boards like ‘Pork’, ‘Beef Rib’, ‘Chicken’, ‘Sausage’ , Squid & Shrimp Skewers’. Plus don’t forget to accompany them with carefully crafted side dishes!

Are there any vegetarian options available?
While meat lovers will have plenty to sink their teeth into at Rodney Scott’s, vegetarians need not despair – there are several non-meat items on the menu as well such as hoppin john made up tantalizing peas cooked slowly along rice infused with delectable spices.

Can I purchase Rodney Scott’s BBQ sauce or seasoning to take home with me?
Yes! If you’re a fan of their signature sauces or want to try out their special blends of spices, you can purchase them at the restaurant’s retail counter. They even ship nationwide for those who cannot drop by personally.

What precautions is Rodney Scott’s taking during COVID-19 pandemic?
Rest assured – Rodney Scott’s is taking every precaution possible to keep its staff and customers safe during these uncertain times. This includes contactless ordering system via QR code scanning on our menu boards, indoor seating being limited with proper social distancing maintained and mandatory use of masks as per safety guidelines issued by authorities.

There you have it – your most frequently asked questions about Rodney Scott’s Charleston menu answered. Next time you find yourself in town, be sure to make a stop at this quintessential southern barbecue joint for an authentic low-and-slow cooking experience!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Rodney Scott’s BBQ-Charleston Menu

Rodney Scott’s BBQ in Charleston is a local gem that has been drawing crowds ever since it opened its doors. The restaurant is known for its delicious barbecue, which is cooked using old-fashioned techniques and with just the right blend of spices.

If you’re planning to visit Rodney Scott’s BBQ-Charleston soon, here are the top 5 must-know facts about their menu:

1. Whole Hog BBQ:

Rodney Scott’s BBQ has become famous for their whole hog barbecues – a cooking technique that involves smoking an entire pig over coals until it reaches the perfect level of tenderness. This style of cooking produces succulent meat that falls off the bone and has plenty of hickory smoke flavor.

2. Classic Sides:

To accompany their flavorful barbecue dishes, Rodney Scott’s also offers classic southern sides like mac-n-cheese, collard greens, and baked beans. These traditional sides are slow-cooked and packed full of flavor.

3. Homemade Sauces:

No barbecue meal would be complete without sauce! And at Rodney Scott’s you can choose from three homemade sauces – vinegar-based “Carolina Gold,” mustard-based “Rodney’s Sauce,” or peppery red “Traditional Sauce.” Each sauce provides a different taste experience that complements your choice of meat perfectly.

4. Specialties meals:

In addition to whole hog barbeque and classic side dishes, visitors should try out some unique specialty meats offered by this joint including smoked turkey breasts served with cornbread stuffing; pulled pork or brisket quesadillas smothered with spicy queso blanco sauce!

5. Desserts on Point!:

You may be feeling too overwhelmed after indulging in all these tasty treats but don’t miss out trying desserts by Chef Katy Keefe before leaving such as banana pudding pie crusts topped with whipped cream – sweet tooth satisfaction guaranteed!

In conclusion,

Rodney Scott’s BBQ-Charleston serves up some of the most delicious barbecue dishes and classic southern sides that you can find anywhere in Charleston. With their emphasis on old-fashioned techniques and homemade sauces, this restaurant stands out as an unparalleled dining destination for food lovers all across the state!

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